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Dried Coconut (Whole)

Rs.144.00 Rs.120.00


Dried Coconut (Whole)

Dried coconuts are very popular among kids and adults. Their taste is amazing and is very beneficial for our health. It can also be eaten as a snack at any time and used in baked items or as a sprinkler. Dried coconuts are also used with salads and smoothies. Here you can get fresh and quality coconuts.
At you can get the best and high-quality dried coconuts (whole) you can get premium-quality dried coconuts (whole) at a very reasonable price. Dried coconuts (whole) are full of nutrition and provide all the needs and have multiple health benefits. It is rich in fibers, vitamins, and minerals.
We are the exporters of Dried Coconut (Copra) from Pakistan, we offer fresh and healthy dry fruit products. We export Copra in a variety of sizes. The whole Coconut is naturally dried from husked Matured Coconut for many months. Natural drying retains all the nutrients, this dried Coconut whole is used in various food preparations. This Copra is also used mainly for the manufacture of coconut oil.