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Turkish Dried Apricot

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Turkish Dried Apricot

Grown in Malatya, Turkey. These Apricots are known as Turkish Apricots. These Apricots have a unique taste and aroma. They are different from other Apricots. They are sweeter. Turkish Apricots are dried in direct sunlight with external additives. These apricots are best for eye health and also reduce the link of macular degeneration. Turkish dry apricots are stored in cool and dry places. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. 
At you can get the best and high quality Turkish Dry Apricots. You can get premium-quality Turkish Dry Apricots at a very reasonable price. These Malatya apricots have gained popularity in the form of dry apricots over a few years. Get the best of the Turkish dry apricots. Enjoy this tasty and delightful snack from