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Soft Shell Almonds (Kaghazi badaam)

Rs.336.00 Rs.280.00


Soft Shell Almonds

Soft-shell Almonds are very delicious. It is covered by a shell that is very easy to break. That is why its name is soft-shell or Kaghazi Badam. It is very healthy for our body and has many exceptional nutritions. These almonds are crunchy and a very good item to be eaten as a snack. Soft-shell almonds are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It can be a very good addition to recipes and desserts because of its sweet taste. As it is very easy to open with bare hands you can get a lot of health benefits in seconds. 

At you can get the best and high-quality Soft-shell Almonds. You can get premium-quality Soft-shell Almonds at a very reasonable price at your doorsteps from These are 100% original and pure soft shell almonds. And are packed in a hygienic packing sustainable for any climate. These soft-shell almonds are loved by kids and many people around the world. It is a very popular dry fruit.